Rescuers scoured rubble and expected to find more bodies Monday after the most destructive tornado outbreak of the year killed at least 16 people in three states and hammered the suburbs of Little Rock, Ark. As day broke over a grim scene of splintered trees and shattered homes there, forecasters warned that tens of millions of people — from Iowa to the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas — were still in the path of a days-long storm system. “The worst is not over,” said Kevin Roth, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel. Faulkner County, Ark., particularly the suburbs of Mayflower and Vilonia, was the hardest hit Sunday. As many as 10 people died there, including two children, and authorities said that at least 150 homes had been destroyed. Rescuers still hoped to find people alive. “What I’m seeing is something that I cannot describe in words,” Faulkner County Sheriff Andy Shock said. “It is utter and sheer devastation.” Arkansas authorities lowered the death toll by two on Monday morning, to 14. Oklahoma and Iowa reported one death each. Vilonia, Ark., a town of about 4,000 people, was hit by a twister three years ago this week that killed four people and leveled homes and businesses. Homes rebuilt after the 2011 tornado were among those demolished on Sunday night. On Monday, bulldozers and backhoes were being deployed to help rescuers comb the rubble and look for survivors. Crews tried to be optimistic, but they expected the death toll to climb in the daylight, the sheriff said. “We’re praying not, but there’s no telling,” he said. “There’s no knocking on doors. These places are leveled.” The damage in Arkansas may have been wrought by more than one tornado, spawned from a so-called supercell thunderstorm. In all, at least 31 tornadoes were recorded. They formed late in the day, and were especially destructive in Arkansas because they struck as night fell. A state police spokesman said that 30 cars and trucks were on the road as a twister roared over Interstate 40, and troops went car by car to check on drivers, but it appeared that no one had been killed. The National Weather Service said that it expected the storms in Arkansas to be rated the strongest in the country this year, perhaps as strong as EF-3 on the weather service’s tornado scale. EF-3 twisters pack wind of at least 136 mph. In Mayflower, Mark Ausbrooks told The Associated Press that he was at his parents’ house when the storm arrived. He retrieved pillows to put over their heads. The house was destroyed. “It turned pitch black,” he said. “All hell broke loose.” At least six shelters were set up in Arkansas to handle dazed survivors. Gov. Mike Beebe was expected to visit hard-hit areas. One power company reported that at least 20,000 customers were still without power Monday morning.
Various possibilities of loss Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 it could happen,starting from human error weather terrorist or other problems.
It could even be captured by extraterrestrials but I do not dare to make sure because this is a stupid issue of  parents tell stories to their children. Let us wait for certainty

Recently I have come across a lot of “chatter” on the net about the possibility of a large earthquake in California on 10/3/13. Here are some of the pieces of info that I have come across. Note: I do not know these people personally, nor am I vowing for their credibility. I am merely passing this information to you for your consideration and discernment. 

Here is another one: Multiple Witnesses Seeing God's Judgment on San Francisco-Including a Woman who saw Boston Marathon Bombing the Night Before

Will a 9.7 earthquake hit California on October 3, 2013? I do not know, like I said I am just passing the info on to you for your discernment. Here are a few other pieces of data to consider. A few weeks ago I posted about a possible “signal” in the movie Planes. In that post I identified 10/4/13 as a possible date to watch for.

If the concentric rings centered in odd locations are indeed signals, is the 77 a signal to the timing of the event? Could it refer to 7 weeks 7 days, 77 days, 7 months and 7 days, or 77 weeks? The movie was released on 8/9/13, adding 7 weeks and 7 days would bring us to 10/4/13…

In the past I have noticed that “events” can occur at certain day intervals past other “events.” Consider this interval data in regards to 10/4/13. Remember in Hebrew time reckoning, 10/4/13 starts at sunset on 10/3/13.

Batman movie/Aurora shooting on 7/20/2012 (Friday, crescent moon) + 441 days (147 x 3) = 10/4/13 (Friday, crescent moon)

Sandy Hook shooting on 12/14/12 (Friday, crescent moon) + 294 days (147 x 2) = 10/4/13 (Friday, crescent moon)

May 10, 2013 (Friday, new moon/crescent moon) + 147 days = 10/4/13 (Friday, crescent moon)

I see a lot of 147 Friday crescent moons. Do you copy? And you reply “Ten Four big buddy.” Let me also mention that 10/4/13 is very close to the 188 day earthquake cycle date which falls around 10/6/13.

Also in the past “events,” like the Fukushima disaster, which was one of the 188 day cycle earthquakes, have occurred in relation to how the world and nations treat Jews and Christians. (See the post: The Nations Against Israel: An Evil Wind Bloweth)

This week and the first week of October many Mideast issues are being discussed at the U.N. including the Iran nuclear issue, the Palestinian state, and Syria. I am sure that you are aware that the U.S. is trying to apply pressure to have the Palestinian state formed by the spring of 2014. So far the outcome has not been good for Israel.

In light of past history these pending issues and decisions may result in another judgment being unleashed against a nation and or the world. Let me also mention that a line from the U.N. building through Aurora CO is at 277.7 degrees and ends up between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

How does the scientific community view the possibility of a large earthquake in California and or the West Coast? Yes, a big one could happen at anytime. Scientists have recently concluded that the West Coast plate is “locked up” and when it releases it couldcause a 9 plus megaquake along the whole plate. And another Chilling New Report Predicts Massive Earthquake and Tsunami for Pacific Northwest.

That is the info I have at this time. Again, I am not predicting an earthquake in California in October. I am just passing the info on to you for your discernment.
If I were living in California or the West coast, what would I do? I would take the matter to the Lord in prayer and I would make preparations—just in case. In fact recently the local authorities have been telling people on the West Coast to do just that—prepare for a large earthquake. State officials in CA are telling people to make sure they have at least 2 weeks worth of supplies. And State officials in Oregon say they are due for a magnitude 9.0 and they should be prepared for months if not years of disruption of services and infrastructure.
I wonder how many have heeded their warnings and have prepared? Besides praying and preparing I would also look for possible signs. From what I have read in the past it is possible that a Mount Popo eruption followed by a large earthquake in Mexico City may be a precursor to a large California earthquake and or a big quake in the Northwest. Other signs may include methane gas releases, fish die offs, and mass animal migrations—these have been reported to occur before large earthquakes.
Again, I am not making a prediction or saying that the big one will happen on 10/3/13, just trying to make you aware of the data I have seen. What you do with the data and whether or not you heed the warnings of the state officials is up to you. But realize that eventually, with the opening of the Seals of Revelation, that I believe are imminent, difficult times will come to this nation and the world, and preparations should be made by all.
I want to help you understand and prepare for the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy.
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Kim’s first pic in public since the birth of her baby girl was snapped by paparazzi on August 14. Kanye is reportedly seething about the invasion of privacy and feels that nobody outside of the Kardashian family could have leaked details about the pediatrician visit.

Kim Kardashian was seen out with Kanye West and baby North West for the first time while heading out to a doctor’s appointment on August 14. Even though 2-month-old North was covered up in her baby carrier, a new report reveals that Kanye is very upset by being surprised by photographers — and thinks the Kardashian family staged the run-in!

Kim Kardashian First Pics Post Baby — Kanye West Says It Was A Setup

Kanye is notoriously anti-paparazzi and went “absolutely ballistic that a paparrazzo took the pictures of the family outing to baby North’s appointment with her pediatrician,” a source reveals to Radar Online. ”Kanye was absolutely unaware that the photographer was in the parking garage of the medical facility.”
“If he had been [aware of the photographer], well, given Kanye’s history of outbursts with photographers, it wouldn’t have turned out well,” the source explains. “He believes that a member of the Kardashian clan tipped off the photographer. It’s no secret that Kim works with several media outlets and has been known to tip off the press about her whereabouts.”

Kanye West: Another Run-In With The Paparazzi

So what happens the inevitable next time the paparazzi snaps pics of the couple and their new baby girl?
“This won’t be the last time that Kanye will clash with the Kardashians,” the source warns. “He just doesn’t understand the entire family’s obsession with being in the media spotlight. Kanye knows it wasn’t anyone in the doctor’s office or the nanny that leaked the visit, and the circle of people that knew about the appointment was very, very small.”
What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Kim’s first photo was set up or caught?

Kim K dropped the gloves on August 16, calling Katie a “fake media friend” after the talk show host sent her a baby present. But it didn’t take long for Katie to respond — so is she firing back or quivering in her boots?

Is Katie Couric trying to do damage control after Kim Kardashian threw down the gauntlet and put her on blast for saying she didn’t “understand” why the Kardashians are famous in a recent interview?

Katie Couric: I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Kim Kardashian’s Feelings

It certainly sounds like it. On August 16, Kim went hard at Katie (like seriously, Kim’s never been this vicious) by posting a picture of a gift Katie had sent her on Instagram along with the caption, “#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkS**t.” Now Katie is picking up the pieces, and she seems a little scared doing it!
“I’ve met before and I think she’s a really sweet person,” Katie said in a statement according to TMZ. “I was responding to a reporter’s question, and explaining how I’m intrigued by the public’s fascination with her family.”
“I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings,” Katie added. “The gift is genuine, and I’m happy for Kim and Kanye.” Something tells us Kim and Kanye West still won’t be inviting Katie to North West’s first birthday party.

The Kardashians Fight Back

They might have to change the name of Kim’s show from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Don’t Mess With The Kardashians. Katie isn’t the first big star to get called out by the Kardashians — even President Barack Obama has felt the wrath!
After Obama criticized Kim and Kanye as role models in a recent interview with Amazon Kindle Singles, Kris Jenner came right back with guns blazing. ”I bet the President has some friends with 10,000 square foot houses and that you wouldn’t mind going over there, Mr. President, while you were asking them to have a party for you when you were campaigning for dollars to run for president,” the momager said on her show, Kris, on August 12.
The Kardashians are on top of the world right now, and they won’t let anyone knock them down.
What do you think about Katie’s response, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Kim will accept the “apology”? Let us know!
A fisherman from Germany caught the fish of a lifetime, a world-record Atlantic halibut that was so big it wouldn’t fit into the boat.
Marco Liebenow was fishing with three friends in a 19-foot boat in Norwegian waters when he hooked what he thought was “a submarine,” according to a Friday report in the UK Daily Mail.
By halibut fishing standards, it was a submarine. The Atlantic halibut weighed 515 pounds, smashing the existing IGFA world record of 419 pounds caught in Norwegian waters in July 2004.
After a 90-minute battle, Liebenow managed to reel the fish to the surface. But once the fishermen saw how big it was, they realized the fish was too big to haul into the small boat. So they tied a rope around its tail.
“The flounder could be towed only with the greatest effort and with great sensitivity to the port,” fishing tour company Angelreisen Hamburg explained (via translation) on its Facebook page.
At the dock, the fish was hoisted out of the water by crane and weighed. After photos, Liebenow donated the fish to a local fish dealer, and then celebrated his catch with a few beers.
“[Marco] does not speak any English but has said it was a wonderful feeling to catch it and has called it a fish of a lifetime,” David Bottcher, Angelreisen Hamburg fishing tours spokesman who arranged the trip, told the Daily Mail. “Before he left for the trip, he called us first to ask for a few hints about how and where to fish—I guess our advice paid off.”
It did, in a big way.
The 9-foot fish, caught in waters off Kjollefjord last month, is awaiting IGFA world-record approval.
Photos courtesy of Angelreisen Hamburg Facebook page.
Lady Gaga finally got naked ... FULLY NAKED ... but it's weird. Really weird.

The video just surfaced, featuring a naked, hairless, crystal-spooning Gaga doing a meditation exercise inspired by Marina Abramovic, a famous performance artist.

The video shows Gaga doing "The Abramovic Method," which supposedly heightens physical and mental awareness. 

It definitely heightened our awareness.
Justin Bieber is wise enough to know when a gift needs givin' ... but he didn't have a box -- so he covered his junk with a guitar and jammed out a naked serenade for one lucky lady fan -- HIS GRANDMA!

TMZ has obtained photos of a completely nude Biebs strumming away on his big wooden instrument ... at his grandmother's home in Toronto during Thanksgiving back in November 2012.

And why, you ask, did Bieber go ass naked for g-ma?

Our sources tell us JB had been staying at his granny's house during the holiday ... and slept in a little too late on Thanksgiving morning.

Bieber finally woke up after hearing family and friends stirring around the house -- so he thought he'd prank 'em ... by grabbing his guitar and playing a naked set a la Jenny from "Forrest Gump" ('memba that?).

We're told birthday-suited Bieber went right up to his grandma and started belting out some impromptu lyrics ... like, "I Loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma."

We're told G thought it was pretty funny -- and everyone in the home was cracking up -- but granny begged the pop star to get back in his room to put some damn clothes on, stat.
American pop singer Miley Cyrus has topped the singles chart with We Can't Stop - the first time one of her songs has hit number one in the UK.
Cyrus, 20, who found fame as the child star of Disney children's show Hannah Montana, knocked Swedish DJ Avicii's Wake Me Up down to number two.
Rapper Tinie Tempah's Trampoline FT 2 Chainz went in at number three.
In the albums chart, Britain's Got Talent finalists Richard and Adam Johnson stayed at number one.
They retained the top slot with their debut, The Impossible Dream.
Next in the album chart were Grammy award-winning US duo The Civil Wars with their eponymous new entry. Their previous album Barton Hollow peaked in the UK at 13 in 2011.
Imagine Dragons' Night Visions was at number three in the album chart while Passenger's All The Little Lights was at four and Jahmene Douglas's covers album, Love Never Fails, hit number five.
The rest of the top five singles saw French DJ Cedric Gervais' house remix of Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness at four and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines FT TI and Pharrell Williams at five.
US singer Justin Timberlake's Take Back The Night climbed 30 places to number 29, while American rockers Kings of Leon went straight in at number 31 with Wait For Me.
Cyrus, who is the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus, previously peaked in the UK singles chart at number three with See You Again in 2008 and at 11 in 2009 with The Climb and Party In The USA.
Other new entries included indie rockers Swim Deep at 20 with their first album Where The Heaven Are We and heavy metal band Asking Alexandria at number 28 with From Death To Destiny

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Cory Monteith's girlfriend Lea Michele gives tearful tribute

Lea Michele made her first public appearance following the death of her Glee co-star and real-life boyfriend, Canadian-born Cory Monteith, at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.
Monteith, who co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards in 2010, was found dead July 13 in Vancouver. An autopsy by the B.C. Coroner's service revealed the 31-year-old actor died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol.
He and Michele played an on-again, off-again couple in the popular Fox series, and had been dating for about a year.
Michele won Choice TV Actress in a comedy for her role on Glee and took the stage to tearfully address the audience while wearing a necklace that said Cory.
"I just wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you and tell everyone out there how much all of your love and support has meant to me over these very difficult past few weeks," she said.
She dedicated the award to Monteith saying, "For all of you out there who loved and admired Cory as much as I did, I promise that with your love we're gonna get through this together. He was very special to me and also to the world.
"We were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart, so whether you know him personally or just as [his Glee character] Finn Hudson, Cory reached out and he became a part of all of our hearts."
Glee also won Choice TV Comedy and cast member Amber Reilly said, "Although we lost someone that we really love and that you guys love too, we are very fortunate to come back to a show where we feel the love of family and Cory was like a brother to us."

Joke about One Direction muted out

On the teal carpet prior to the show, another Glee star, Naya Rivera, said it was therapeutic for the show's cast to be together since Monteith's death.
"It's really good for us to be able to be all together and be in the same room and celebrate people loving what we do."
There were also lighthearted, silly moments during the show, ripe for the screaming teens in the audience.
One Direction kicked off the night with their new song Best Song Ever, while later in the show, hosts Darren Criss and Lucy Hale got Harry Styles to twerk as the audience went wild.
Some of the show's celebrity presenters tried to use the opportunity as teaching moments for the younger audience.
"Tonight means your vote matters," said Scandal star Kerry Washington with The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder, of the more than 150 million votes cast, setting a new record for the show.
Ashton Kutcher received the Ultimate Choice Award and after joking, "Let's be brutally honest. This is the old guy award," said he wanted to impart some life-lessons to his younger fans.
"The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart and being thoughtful and being generous," he said.
Rebel Wilson used her time on stage winning the Choice Movie Actress Comedy award for Pitch Perfect to get vulgar. She made an off-colour joke about One Direction's band name that was muted out by producers
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